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The Winter Break Bomb - How to work with Kids home for the holidays
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The Winter Break Bomb - How to work with Kids home for the holidays

I love Christmas songs. And one of my favorite songs are, “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.”

I love its vivid description of the holidays, especially the line that says,” And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to begin again.” But for parents who are looking at working from home with kids during winter break it's anything but music to their ears.  So, I put together some tips to help with taking care of the kids without your work productivity taking a backseat.

Power Hours 

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

For business owners without children it is hard to fathom a scenario where you would willingly take your children to a business appointment. But for those of us who are parents of young children, it’s rare for you to even use the bathroom by yourself. In my case, I have bathroom butlers who tear my tissue for me and serenade me with songs. Here are some things to think about if you have to take a child along on a business meeting, because you can’t simply but your child in the corner and conduct business as usual.

We Will Never Be You

I love my family, with their support I have been able to buildBlack-Tie Babysittinginto a business that is changing how people feel about children at special occasions and events. Whenever, I can’t take my children with me they graciously watch them for me.
When I walk in to see my 6-year-old sleeping peacefully in his clothes instead of pajamas or the snacks that I closely rationed out all week eaten in their entirety I realize something—despite my families efforts and good intentions they will never be me.

Tailgating With Tykes

Little over a year ago I made the difficult decision to move back to my childhood home and live with my parents.  Being a single mother of four special needs children fueled my need to be physically close to my support system; the fiscal results have not been bad either. Living in a multigenerational household has not come without challenges and casualties like decorative pillows (son used the tassels as mustache) and the addition of crayon to textured walls.  By far the TV has been one of the biggest compromises.